Title: A Framework For The Design of Evolutionary Sociotechnical Systems

Posted on January 31, 2010


When producing anything, it is difficult to know how to approach the relationship between the work and its title.  Does the title determine the work?  Does the work determine the title?  In this case, i will likely be moving from title to work and back again frequently, changing both as i go.  For now though, i am using the following working title for my dissertation:

A Framework For The Design of Evolutionary Sociotechnical Systems

My reasoning for this title will become far more clear in the next where i explain the problem i am trying to solve, but the current end goal of the dissertation will be a useful framework (conceptual structure and thinking tool) that a designer or design team (person or people trying to devise a course of action aimed at changing an existing situation into a preferred one [Simon, 1996: 111]) would use when the movement from the existing situation to the preferred one requires the design of a sociotechnical (involving interactions of social actors and technologies) system (the social actors and technologies all affect each other) which, in order to be effective, must evolve (change by passing traits from one generation of the system to instances of the system in subsequent generations) over time beyond of the full control of the original designers.