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A Poem for a Poet

July 17, 2010


This week we lost a dear friend Ann Walton back in Wayland, Mass.  She had been a childhood neighbor of my wife and a very close friend of the family for decades.  I only met her in the last couple of years, but we forged an instant deep connection.  One piece of this connection was […]

A Rant About Lying or Here Comes Dishonesty

January 18, 2010


Clay Shirky’s recent blog post entitled “A Rant About Women” has been batted around by the interwebs now for a  few days, due to the conflagrative combination of  his exalted position among the digerati and the completely loaded rant that hits, in a not-very-careful way, a lot of important hot-button issues around gender, gender equality, […]

Public Service Announcement On Home Invasions

January 2, 2010


2010 began for us with a bang.  Quite literally.  At around 8am while i was still asleep, a man in a hooded sweatshirt began banging on our front door and trying to get in.  My wife was downstairs at the time, and thankfully did not open it.  Instead, she came upstairs and woke me  up. […]

Contemplates, Detractors and Mutual Understanding

September 5, 2009


I and those close to me have noticed for many years that i am not completely “normal.”   Initially this lack of normalcy was chalked up to the fact that i was an only child.  Or that my intellectual aptitude was different.  Or that my parents were quite young when i was born.  Or any number […]

Welcome to My More Academicky Blog

August 25, 2008


For those of you who don’t know, i’ve been blogging pretty often over at the BigTreetop blog about various things having to do with business, social media, and the growth of As i write in that venue, however, i’m frequently editing myself to ensure that the text is going to be useful to small […]