Conference Papers

Briggs, C., Makice, K. (2008). Participatory Organizational Design Through Microparticipation. In Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference. Bloomington, IN.

Briggs, C. (2008). The Tocqueville Lens – Informing the Design of the New Township. In Proceedings of the North American Computing and Philosophy Conference. Bloomington, IN.

Briggs, C. (2006). HCI SuperDesigner: Describing, Predicting, Fostering AND Controlling Emergence. In Proc. IADIS Internacional conference WWW/Internet 2006, Murcia (Spain). pp: 93-97

Bardzell, J., Bardzell, S., Briggs, C., Makice, K., Ryan, W., & Weldon, M. (2006). Machinima prototyping: an approach to evaluation. In Proceedings of the 4th Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction: changing roles (pp. 433-436). Oslo, Norway: ACM. doi: 10.1145/1182475.1182530.

Book Chapters

Briggs, C. (2008). Web 2.0 Business Models as Decentralized Value Creation Systems. In M. Lytras, P. Ordonez De Pablos, (Eds.). Web 2.0: The Business Models.

Conference Workshop Position Papers

Briggs, C. (2008). Emergence in Complex Value Networks. “Values, value and worth: their relationship to HCI?” workshop. CHI’08. Florence, Italy.

Briggs, C. (2009). De-Professionalization, Metadesign and Environmental Selection In Digital Design. “Approaching ‘Amateur'” workshop.  GROUP 2009. Sanibel Island, Florida.

Invited Talks and Panels

Briggs, C. (2009) Invited speaker. “Social Media and Process Improvement”. Management team of 50+b American multinational conglomerate.

Briggs, C. (2009) Invited speaker. “Social Media and Organizational Learning”. Executive team of global management consulting firm.

Briggs, C. (2009). Invited speaker. “What the Heck is Social Media Marketing?”. Indiana Chamber Executives Association Winter Conference. Indianapolis, IN.

Briggs, C. (2008). Invited speaker. Social Media Marketing. National Co-Operative Geekfest. Bloomington, IN.

Briggs, C. (2008). Invited speaker. Introduction to Social Media. Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. Bloomington, IN.

Briggs, C. (2008). Invited panelist. Deep Co-Creation. Consumer Responses to New Online Environments. Winter AMA Educator’s Conference. Austin, TX.

Briggs, C. (2006). Invited panelist. New Media Marketing. Marketing Science: The Research Behind Marketing Decisions. Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange. Boston, MA.

Conference Poster Presentations

Hills, T., & Briggs, C. (2006). “Age-related Differences in Online Social Networking.” Poster presented at NetSci – International Workshop & Conference on Network Science, Bloomington, IN

CHI Conference 2006 Student Competition

Beach, J., Briggs, C., Shahrani, S., & Elliott, C. (2006). Health view: a simple and subtle approach to monitoring nutrition. In CHI ’06 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems (pp. 1801-1806). Montréal, Québec, Canada: ACM. doi: 10.1145/1125451.1125793.

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