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Short vs. Long-Term Morality in Democratic Discourse

January 17, 2011


In democratic discourse, is it morally acceptable for a person to violate their moral code in the short-term to avoid a longer-term ill, and where is the threshold that makes acceptable? I had a conversation yesterday with a friend about this, and after some thought, i have what i think is an acceptable answer. To […]

A Rant About Lying or Here Comes Dishonesty

January 18, 2010


Clay Shirky’s recent blog post entitled “A Rant About Women” has been batted around by the interwebs now for a  few days, due to the conflagrative combination of  his exalted position among the digerati and the completely loaded rant that hits, in a not-very-careful way, a lot of important hot-button issues around gender, gender equality, […]